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It was at the beginning of the 19th century that the origins of this present church were really born, although there may well be a connection back to John Bunyan who was reputedly baptised in the River Great Ouse nearby, in 1653.

In 1809 a small group who were dissatisfied with the ministry at other churches in the town, began to meet together separately for worship and for about twenty years meetings were held in a 'Bran Chamber' in the parish of St. Cuthberts, about half a mile west of the present site in Rothsay Road.

Eventually a small church was built of brick and slate, and it was opened in July 1830. It was situated in Castle Lane, behind the Swan Hotel.

During the sixty year pastorate of Mr John W Wren the building became to small for the large congregation, so the present commodious Victorian chapel was erected in October 1894, to the glory of God.

It seats about 600 people and at the beginning of the twentieth century was regularly filled for each Sunday service.

What of today? We meet regularly to hear the gospel preached.

It is our concern that the ‘good news’ of Jesus Christ is preached and that God will bless this ministry to those that hear it.

Our worship is centred on the Bible and its teaching about Jesus Christ.

The congregation includes families and individuals from various walks of life. There is an active Sunday School here on Sunday mornings where young people between the ages of 4 - 18 are taught Bible truths.

In 2002, the church welcomed Mr Graham Chewter of Eastbourne, East Sussex, as the 7th pastor in the two hundred history of its existence. During this pastorate the church grew and a morning Sunday School commenced with children regulary coming in from estates on the outskirts of the town. Graham Chewter's pastorate ended in December 2006.

An active outreach into the town includes a weekly Bible study in the local prison and open air witness in the shopping areas. Missionary outreach further afield includes links with Christians around the world.

Redevelopment to the rear section of the building a few years ago including a lift to the first floor, redesigned kitchen and three well equipped meeting rooms, enable us to cater for the various requirements of a town centre church in the 21st century.


Sunday School

This week, God willing

Sunday 17 Nov. 2019
O Wyncoll

Thursday 21 Nov. 2019
Prayer Meeting

Text for November

Being justified by faith, we have peace with God.
Romans 5 v 1


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